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Goofin’ on the first lady

You know, sometimes having the mind of an illustrator is a curse. When I saw Michelle Obama’s new thing, I totally didn’t get that the child with the circle under it was an exclamation point. I saw a small child hurtling knees-first at one of those red rubbery kickball balls. Remember them?

And then the whole action sequence played out in my head, see above.

You know, I don’t think Mrs O should be picking on fat kids. I mean, sure, she’s got those terrifyingly toned arms, but then there’s the…you know.

Though I can’t really tell if she really has a Hugh Jazz, or if the combination of the boob belt and a moderate hinder just makes her look like a giant Bartlett pear.

February 11, 2010 — 6:30 pm
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