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Lookit the kitty!


So Uncle B’s, like, “you can’t go take a bath instead of writing a blog post!”

And I’m, like, “pff! Sure I can! I’ve done disappointing, lame-ass posts lots of times. I’ll just put up a cute cat picture and act natural.”

I hit one of those “ZOMG you have a virus click here to fix it!” fake sites earlier and had to stop everything and do a full Malwarebytes scan, so here’s your cute cat picture.

I don’t know where I stole that snow leopard, but it seems appropriate. We’ve been snowed in today, and it’s snowing like a BASTARD out there right now. Okay, we’re only in the four inches range — which I realize now qualifies as flurries in our nation’s capitol — but it really isn’t letting up and that’s about max for where we are.

Though there was one legendary snowstorm in the Sixties when they had to airlift food to this area. I sure hope Brits know beer is food.

February 10, 2010 — 9:03 pm
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