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Odds and ends

I’m going to give it a rest tonight — because, frankly, I just didn’t get my next hideous nightmarish caricature of Nancy Pelosi done in time.

See that thing in the corner? It appeared tonight out of nowhere while I was surfing the Zazzle forums. It is the forum equivalent of a giant, swinging tallywhacker.

I have arrived.

Okay, actually, it just means I’ve made at least a hundred bucks at least three months in a row. So I haven’t actually arrived, but I’ve certainly left the station! Thank you all for every grubby penny! Mwah!

Nature Roundup

Uncle B went out to check his greenhouse last night and came running back with his eyes as wide as tea saucers. He shone his flashlight across the ditch at the back garden, and there, not a dozen feet away, was a real, live badger!

The nearest sett we know of is a mile up, across a busy road, so we didn’t think they came this far. Badger ran off, but we spent the rest of the evening pitching stale bread into the field.

If the farmer catches us doing that, he’ll murdelate us.

Then this morning, I look out the kitchen window, and there’s a swan. So there’s that.

And I was just drifting off to my customary evening nap (the pace of life here really gets to me, y’know?) when I heard the quiet ticking of the deathwatch beetle in the corner. So they’re back this year, too.

I leave you with my favorite Zazzle shirt of all time. (No, it’s not mine. My one is here).

I totally want to own that thing.

March 24, 2010 — 11:08 pm
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