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LEGOoooos In Spaaaaaaace

NASA launched a spacecraft today destined for Jupiter. It should get there in 2016. (Watch the launch here, or follow the Juno mission on Twitter).

And it’s a manned flight! Kinda. They’re sending these three custom LEGO figures along. Jupiter, Juno and Galileo. Because forrrr the chilrunnn or something.

Oh, come on…you didn’t really want to talk about the econopolipse, did you? I’ve come to the conclusion not a single one of the bozos up on his hind legs flapping his gums about the global economy has the slightest-effing-idea what he’s talking about. Bad shit coming. That’s all anyone knows for sure.

Who cares? Custom LEGOs! In space!

Good weekend, everyone!

August 5, 2011 — 10:16 pm
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