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Can I have a ferret? Can I have a ferret? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE can I have a ferret? I swear I’ll feed it and clean up after it and not let it devour the chickens.

Okay, this may be a hard one to work into our active chicken lifestyle, but I’ve been dying for a ferret for, like, forever.

This saucy fellow was at a whole ‘nother church fête, along with a dozen of his mates, representing a local ferret club. That’s me holding him (I had to black out the background because my ginormous grinning face filled it right up). I haven’t been so happy since I discovered the big red bucket o’ weasels.

In the next few weeks, one of the local ferret rescues is having a thing. I’m going to talk to them about taking an overflow ferret next time they get full up, so I can try it out but it isn’t tragedy if I can’t work it out.

A trial ferret. A rent-a-weasel, as it were.

I’m hoping I can arrange it so daytime belongs to the chooks, and ferret playtime is after dark. We keep very late hours, so that’s a long stretch for the fuzzball, especially in the Winter. (Any ferret-keeping peeps want to chime in, I’d be grateful).

Phun Pherret Phact: albino is the ‘original’ color. The Romans domesticated an albino variant of the wild polecat, so that their hunting birds could distinguish between the rabbits popping out of the warren and the not-to-be-slaughtered ferrets. I have *no* idea if that’s true; it’s what the ferret people told me.

August 30, 2011 — 10:07 pm
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