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Noticed anything…weird about the Daily Mail lately?

So the U.K. Daily Mail beat out the NY Times to become the world’s the most visited online news site.

And then this happened. It’s a screen grab of today’s Mail. It’s like that all the way down. It’s like that every day. It’s been that way for weeks. It’s been driving me mad.

The UK’s most popular newspaper IS ALL ABOUT THE USA.

It hasn’t always been this way, and I’ll bet the print version isn’t. If I were a proper journalist, I’d buy one and compare. But I’m not. I’m a lazy weasel impersonator on a Friday night and, anyway, I only read that filthy rag when somebody leaves it on the lunch counter.

Yeah. Not a fan. I know it’s a supposed to be right-wing, but it’s really just the Shit-Stirrer’s Gazette. I know, I know – all newspapers are bad, but the Mail is something special.

More than usually mendacious. Less than usually accurate. They specialize in running snapshots of Angelina Jolie with a bit of toilet paper on her shoe under the head “Not so classy now!”


But the good capitalist in me is torn. On the one hand, the Mail has apparently identified its actual user base and is providing them the services they want. So, good.

On the other hand, a British newspaper that’s all about America? How weird is that?

Good weekend, all.

Oh. Hey. Mono the Elderish has cobbled together a discussion forum. In case you’re not wasting NEARLY enough time on the internet, there you go.

<litella>Never mind.</litella> As Carl points out in the comments, my default Mail URL points to /ushome/. Why that should be — my IP says I’m in Maidstone or some such — I do not know. The Mail still sucks, though.

March 2, 2012 — 11:55 pm
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