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They really pulled out none of the stops

I was really, really looking forward to the Obama movie. The man who gave us fainting fans and styrofoam Greek columns was bound to cook up a seventeen-minute cheez-o-rama guaranteed to yield delicious blog ammo for a week.



Did you watch that thing? I watched it live. I just watched it again. I still have no idea WTF. It’s the weirdest propaganda effort I’ve ever seen.

No stirring music, a sad little guitar playing chords. Some violins. And then Hanks just tells us what happened the last three years, in case we missed it. There was a terrible financial crisis, they passed a bill. Lots of people didn’t have health insurance. They passed a bill. Boy, that vote was close. The GM bailout. Then there was Osama. Tough call. And those two chicks on the Supreme Court. Things are getting better. The end.

How bad was it? Watching it didn’t make me angry.

It didn’t gel. It ain’t aspic. There was no sense that Obama did awesome things that kept the situation from being worse. It’s like he could have traded places with anyone else around the table and things would’ve turned out pretty much the same.

If you thought the last three years was a double-decker awesome burger with extra awesome sauce, then that might be an effective campaign spot. How many people is that, then?

Please…somebody else watch it and tell me I’m not crazy.

Oh, and for anyone much younger than me, much older than me or foreign, this is where the illustration comes from. Warning: famous earworm. Though it’s not as bad as this one from the same people.

Good weekend, folks!

March 16, 2012 — 11:29 pm
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