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Just throw the damn hammer, wingers!

I don’t BELIEVE this week — this week of ALL weeks, when we’re eulogizing gleeful bomb-tosser Andrew Breitbart — there are commenters on the Right who found it necessary to scold Rush Limbaugh for using the word “slut.” (And no, I’m not happy he apologized).

Let’s review some basics, shall we?

■ If your name is not Rush Limbaugh, you are not responsible for anything Rush Limbaugh says. You do not ever have to apologize for things other people do. Even people on “your side.” That’s Individualism 101.

■ “Slut” is not a shocking word. You can say it on TV. Chaucer used it, for god’s sake. Your mom probably read it in her Advanced Placement English course. It’s a deadly insult (to most) but it is not a shocking profanity.

■ A year ago, the feminist Left embraced the word “slut” all around the world and carried banners proclaiming themselves sluts…and now hearing the word gives them the vapors? Pff!

■ A distraction? Really? So if Rush hadn’t said “slut” we’d have spent the last week talking about taxes or gas prices or all the other stuff we want to talk about and they don’t?

No. HELL no. They’d have found something else to knock us off message. Anything at all will do. Members of the media and the institutional Left leap out of bed every morning screaming, “WE AM RUBBER, TEABAGGERS AM GLUE! RAAAAARRRRRR!”

Stop apologizing, Righties, and THROW THE FUCKING HAMMER!

March 5, 2012 — 11:42 pm
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