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No. No, I don’t see any problem


Okay, so there’s this skinny white woman dressed all in yellow — even her little sneakers are yellow — walking alone through an abandoned warehouse.

All of a sudden — kee-YIII — out hops this Oriental dude doing all these Kung Fu moves. Okay?

Okay, then this Asian-looking guy with the beard and the turban and the robes and the the curved sword comes in. Only he’s barefoot and he’s levitating. And he’s all waving the sword and zooming around six inches off the floor.

–when this big, scary black guy with dreads busts the door down and starts doing all this kickboxing shit.

So the yellow lady does this yoga breathing thing and splits into twelve yellow ladies, who sit down in the lotus position. This makes the scary men disappear, and the yellow ladies turn into the yellow stars on the EU flag.


Ummmm…yeah. The EU really made that movie. And were shocked that people thought it was racist. And sexist. And generally gob-smackingly idiotic.

It’s like that nice Mr bin Laden used to say: when you have a weak horse and a strong horse, they both come together to laugh at the retarded horse.



March 7, 2012 — 6:11 pm
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