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Babby’s first edit

I made my first Wikipedia edit! I was reading an article, and I ran up against a small, uncontroversial and obviously wrong statement and, in a fit of righteous rage, I hit the little ‘edit’ button in the upper right corner and changed that bad mama-jama. Just like that.

Huh. It was weirdly satisfying.

I was going to share it with you guys, but because I’ve never made an edit before, it uses my IP address in place of my name. We don’t use a VPN.

Which brings me to this question: do you? We’ve talked about buying into a VPN for ages. Not so much for privacy reasons as having an IP from an EU country can be awkward. For example, a certain number of US sites block EU visitors because of our stupid privacy laws.

Would love to hear recommendations if you have any.

December 13, 2018 — 9:16 pm
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