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That’s okay then

This was the easiest computer crash I’ve ever had. Well, other than the three weeks it took me to pick out a new one and get it here.

I had pretty good backups, which helped. Including a list of account passwords that is fairly up to date.

Even better, though — my old hard drive isn’t dead. Popped into an enclosure (with a little help from Uncle B) and I’m able to access all my old data.

The only question mark was the most important bit of all — Photoshop. You can’t just move it from one disk to another. I have a fair and legal copy that lives on a DVD. Serial number and everything. The problem is, it’s an upgrade version and it wanted the serial number of my previous version.

I thought I was stuffed. My Adobe account didn’t have any of my serial numbers listed (I’m beyond positive I registered everything; they must have had a purge in the last decade). I was sure Adobe — who desperately wants to get everyone onto the cloud version — would tell me to pound sand.

They didn’t. A very nice Indian lady talked me through by way of the chat dingus and emailed me a brand new full-featured serial number. I’m stunned, honestly. All hail Adobe. Oddly, that makes me less reluctant to climb onto the cloud somehow.

Anyway, enough about my new computer. That’s boring. From now on, I promise you totally other boring things!

December 10, 2018 — 6:47 pm
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