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Same manger, different tune

Okay, that feels more Christmassy. We had the carol service in our local church Sunday and it set the mood just fine.

After all this time, I think I’ve finally adjusted to their carols. It was hard because some of them are the same as ours, but sung to a completely different tune.

Case in point: Away in the Manger, our version; Away in a Manger, Brit version.

That’s not our local church, by the way. That’s the cathedral in…York, I think. Ours is nearly that old, but it’s a funny little country church. It’s almost always a muddy tromp across the sheep fields and I love that most people turn up to church in jeans and wellies.

The picture is the first one that turned up on a search of “Church of England Carol Service.” And if you think that’s lazy, the next two weeks will astonish you!

December 17, 2018 — 10:09 pm
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