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The official portrait




There. Done. Better in color.

Our tree always looks like it was decorated by twelve year olds.

Lots of cats, mice and chickens in effigy, though not enough ornaments in general. We’ve lost a lot by attrition over the last few years and our tree is too darned big this year.

Speaking of cats, the old ones don’t care, but little one has developed an unhealthy fascination with those shiny apples. They’re only papier-mâché, so he can’t really hurt them, but as we’ve moved them higher up the tree he’s taken to launching himself at the upper branches.

They’re my favorites, too, and you can’t easily get them any more.

Anyway. It was very nice. We listened to a CD of traditional carols and shared a bottle of wine, which disagreed with us both. Hurrah!



December 19, 2018 — 7:37 pm
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