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And it just got better from there

This morning, someone had left a note for me which read “a small boy put the kitchen roll in the toilet.” What a small boy was doing in our toilet over the weekend I have yet to discover, but I did indeed find a large new roll of industrial bathroom hand wipes in the bin.

It was sodden. Reckon it weighed 20 pounds.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to touch it and it was garbage day today and things got better after that.

Hahaha…no they didn’t. It rained and my electric bike conked out (fixable but annoying) and I’m just counting the minutes until it’s Gin O’Clock.

I was going to say “the sun is over the yardarm” but that’s because I was too ignorant to know it actually means daytime drinking:

A traditional nautical saying to indicate that it is time for a morning drink. It was generally assumed in northern latitudes the sun would show above the foreyard of a ship by 1100, which was about the time in many ships of the forenoon ‘stand-easy’, when many officers would slip below for their first drink of the day.

I should’ve joined the Royal Navy.

October 25, 2021 — 9:19 pm
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