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I gave him my best Festus squint

Uncle B sent me a link to this video with a note that read: “… his accent has me in stitches. Extremely cool toy, mind you!”

People, that’s East Tennessee. That’s my native accent. It’s not even a particularly strong East Tennessee accent.

Mind you, Uncle B has never heard me speak my native tongue. I dropped it somewhere between Providence and London. I have to be very drunk or very angry or on the phone to family before it comes roaring back.

He’s in Pigeon Forge, by the way. Home of Dollywood. And, I’m astonished to see, a Museum of the Titanic built in the shape of…the Titanic. Nobody does tacky like Tennessee *beams*.

Of course when I was a kid, Pigeon Forge was just a little town you drove through to get to Gatlinburg. That’s where the real magic happened. And by magic, I mean tacky.

Oh. Video’s worth a look. He’s demoing a Kelly Kettle, one of those camping devices that puts out incredible heat from a handful of twigs. Pay attention; we may need us one of them before this year is over.

October 19, 2021 — 6:51 pm
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