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They really aren’t very good at this scaremongering stuff

The headline reads “CNN says Americans won’t be able to go back to shopping like in the ‘Before Times’.” If the phrase the ‘Before Times’ makes your brain itch, it’s almost certainly lifted (or accidentally repurposed) from a Star Trek episode.

Remember the one where they land on a planet that’s a mirror of Earth, only all the grownups (‘Grups’) have died of the plague and everything has descended into a Lord-of-the-Flies society ruled by grubby children? Yeah, that one. It was called Miri.

So what hellish new world of want and lacking do we find ourselves in, ladies, gentlemen and enbies? Around 18% of beverages, 15% of frozen foods, 16% of snacks, 15% of candy and 18% of bakery items are out of stock. Before covid? Typically, 7 to 10 percent of items were out of stock.

You want specifics? Can you handle specifics?

Many grocery stores are facing limited allocations of popular products, like Rice Krispies Treats, Sour Patch Kids, McCormick grommet spices, and some Ben & Jerry’s flavors of ice cream.

Rice Krispies Treats! I don’t want to live in this world any more.

We went to Aldi this afternoon. They were out of freezer bags.

For the second time.

If you want me, I’ll be in the library with a flask of whisky and a revolver.

October 12, 2021 — 6:40 pm
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