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Mon dieu!

I woke up this morning with the French word “bouche d’incendie” going around and around in my head. As the fog cleared, I remembered it meant “mouth of fire” – which I thought was a strange and super profound thing to wake up thinking. Prophetic, even. But what could it mean?

I looked it up. It’s the French term for “fire hydrant.” French, am I right? I knew it because I had to draw site plans labelled in multiple languages when I worked for that engineering company.

My favorite expression to write was “casa de bombas” which is the Portuguese term for pump house. Sounds spicy.

We’re up to Season 7 of that French cop show Spiral that I briefly posted about before. Only one more season to go, and we have it recorded. It’s been fun. Dark, gory fun.

Watching it has made fragments of my Tennessee high school French float to the surface.

The French title is actually Engrenages which means “gears” – but also cycles, like cycles of violence. Which is a pretty good name for a copy show. But I guess Spiral, as in spiral out of control, is pretty good too.

Mucho recommendo.

October 26, 2021 — 5:48 pm
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