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Happy National Black Cat Day! Tempted to call it International Black Cat Day, because it also is in the US. Well, that makes two of us.

Charities in both places have told me that they have a hard time adopting out black cats, presumably because of superstition. I doubt that because I’ve repeatedly gone looking for a black cat to adopt with no luck.

The Cat Goddess is fickle and cruel, because of course she is.

Cats Protection (the first link) say it takes on average seven days longer to rehome a black or black-and-white cat. Well. I think the black-and-whites are because there are so gosh darn many of them. I don’t remember so many around when I was a kid. Also, they usually have messy paint jobs.

I wanted a jet black cat because they’re just, like, a cat silhouette with eyes, like this guy. Not specifically because of this guy, though the illustrator (Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen) was a famous drawer of cats and a favorite.

Dover (who else?) published a two volume set of Steinlen Cats that I loved growing up. I can’t find my copies since I moved.

Oh, but hey – look at that. I can buy a Kindle edition.

Weird choice for an art book.


October 27, 2021 — 6:08 pm
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