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I’ll try, y’all

Every year, I remember it’s Inktober on the first of October. Every. Dang. Year. (Except I think I remembered it one year on the third).

I’m still having issues with my hands. I tried sketching earlier and it was really uncomfortable.

So I gave up. No brave fighter, me.

Then it occurred to me that, yes, actually, trying to do things with my hands that are difficult is probably the best thing I can do to make them better. So…I’ll try. I haven’t thought of a theme yet.

And yes, that’s my actual thumbprint. I’ve used it multiple times in illustrations over the years. I even signed my artwork with it for a long time. I can never have a career as a burglar.

Have a good weekend!

October 1, 2021 — 6:25 pm
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