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I promised you livestock

Look at this bad boy! His belt says “Sussex Champion” in gold on blue and he has two little gold tassels hanging down off the bottom. He won best in show and then was auctioned off on the spot. Very exciting.

It’s a variety known as Sussex or Sussex Reds and they are, in fact, a deep red color. I’m told their flesh is delicious, but seemingly rare to find. I’ve never tasted it. We have a neighbor with a herd, but he only sells, like, half a cow at a time and our freezers won’t take it.

We offered to split a half cow with another neighbor, but apparently the cuts you get don’t lend themselves to quartering. No, I don’t really understand, either.

Anyway – lookit the pretty coo!

June 6, 2022 — 7:07 pm
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