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The first section of my old site was called Doktor Auntie Weasel’s Laboratory and it was essays on science. This was the header graphic (but in color. I think this one was animated.)

The machine is based on a snapshot of real object I owned. It was an early model Relax-A-Cizor, an item that was banned so hard in 1970, they were ordered to be collected and destroyed. You couldn’t even legally sell one used.

It’s a terrifying device – you attach probes to your body and it electrically stimulates your muscles for you. The electrodes were fabric pads that you wetted before use. Yes, I tried it. If they dried out or you placed them wrong, it hurt like a bastard.

If you placed them right, your muscles jerked like that decapitated frog from High School science class. Please tell me you had that class.

I paid $10 for it at a junk shop in Pawtucket and it was pristine. It had all its bits, including the instruction manual. I was awed by it and I’m not sure how I got rid of it in the end. It might be upstairs.

I’ll pick an item from this section for tomorrow.

May 2, 2024 — 6:00 pm
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