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Welp, it looks like we’re getting a general election over here. On the 4th of July, no less!

Not sure what Sunak is thinking. He is emphatically not a popular politician and he will probably be the death of his party. Absolutely nobody voted for him. Not even members of his own party. He got the top job through some kind of dark WEF fiddle. No-one’s knows.

“Wet” by the way is kind of the British word for RINO.

Absolutely everyone running is a piece of shit and I despair. I think I’ll write in Donald Trump.

Other’n that, nothing to report. Wednesday is my day off and I spent it in the comfy chair watching YouTubes with titles like “the 10 creepiest last minutes caught on camera” and “Pet Owners Share The Most Ridiculous Reason They Had To Bring Their Pet To The Vet”.

Folks, I was born for this life.

May 22, 2024 — 7:57 pm
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