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Thanks, I guess

This arrived in the mail today. It’s a little rubber robot or astronaut keyring. It’s been through customs. Twice. With it was a card with an envelope. The envelope had the Ebay logo and “Thank you for shopping on Ebay. Support our shop, merchants give small gifts”.

Inside was a printed card that reads (and I have produced the typos, smashed together words and weird punctuation verbatim):

Thank you!

Dear valued customers,

How are you today?
Firstly, thank you’very much for your purchase; wereally’vafue your business.

Your item is in another package and usually arriveswithin 1-7 working days, which you may have alreadyreceived.If you haven’t received it yet, don’t worry,it may stillbe in transit andwill arrive in time.

When you receive it, we sincerely hope that you willenjoy it.

We value every customer’s feedback and suggestion.Please feel free to contact uis onfine if you have anyquestions andneeds.

There is no indication anywhere on any of this what the name or location of the shop might be. From the slight Engrish, I’m guessing China. But the shop? I haven’t bought anything from Ebay for weeks, and I don’t think the thing I bought came from China.

This was a globe-hopping waste of a tiny bit of everybody’s resources.

Oh, the last thing I bought was a Manta sleep mask. Mucho recommendo.

May 30, 2024 — 5:58 pm
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