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Pet the doggy

It’s been a while since we checked in with the Prehistory Guys, but we were bored this afternoon and it turns out they have a project at Göbekli Tepe. Link goes to a whole playlist of short films about it.

Super interesting stuff. This is 10,000 years ago, just at the end of the last ice age, and they had cisterns for storing water and pipes capped with limestone moving the water around the complex.

They still think the builders were nomadic hunter-gatherers, even after finding this gigantic stone complex. As of 2021, only 5% of the known site has been excavated.

Did I tell you I bumped into one of the Prehistory Guys in town? Not surprisingly, he was at a historic attraction. I gave him the side-eye for the longest time, before sidling over and blurting out, “hey, you’re that YouTube guy, aren’t you?”

Then it got super awkward. A big fan would’ve known his name. After a few minutes scraping my toe on the pavement and clearing my throat, I slunk off.

Michael Bott is his name.

We kind of went off the channel because they spend way too much time photographing each other staring at the really cool thing. Oi! You! Show me the really cool thing.

I gave up on Cosmos for the same reason. Thirteen hours of Carl Sagan making the “ooo!” face.

May 21, 2024 — 6:58 pm
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