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The failed diary

This was an experiment that didn’t work. It was a series of short memories – my memories, duh – that were linked together in three different ways: chonologically, as I posted them, chronologically, as they had happened in time, and topically. You could navigate the stories any way you liked.

Turns out, there was nothing particularly interesting in doing it that way (and keeping track was a nightmare).

Remember, this was early days and people were trying experimental comics that branched in different ways and ‘choose your own adventure’ and things like that. Turns out, there was nothing particularly interesting in those, either.

Because of the nature of it, I dropped a lot of personal (and likely traceable) information in this section. I later decided that was unwise – another reason I never tried to get the site back online.

The graphic was a take on an Altoids tin. Altoids were popular in my circle then, for some reason. I was particularly proud of the rusty tooth marks (see the color version). The pills are 1 milligram Xanax – a precious prescription I wrangled out of my doctor when I was a frequent flyer.

May 9, 2024 — 5:00 pm
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