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Let us begin

My original idea of printing out the pages of my old site to pdf’s didn’t work. The html didn’t translate very well. It wanted to break pages in bad places, for example. I had a workaround, but…look, it just didn’t work, okay?

I think the thing to do is dump the whole site into an area on this site. For now, I’ll link to individual articles. Later, I’ll fix the functionality the connects them.

Simply put, the “home” links don’t work yet. Let me know if anything else goes wrong.

Don’t worry. Just click.

I actually owned the lab coat in the graphic. You can’t tell, because weasels don’t have shoulders, but it was a proper mad scientist’s coat. Probably Fifties? It was a heavy, heavy cotton with little steel buttons that marched across the shoulder and down the side. And it fit! I loved that thing.

Our first experiment offers the cat raw meat and cooked meat to see which one she prefers. The answer surprised me.

Hell yes that’s clickbait. And do please click the graphic with the Zippo lighter. It’s a scrap of javascript and I was very proud of myself.

May 3, 2024 — 6:00 pm
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