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What it is to live in the country

I hope this adorable tiny pig goes some way to atone for the horrible thing I showed you yesterday. Yes, thank you, it’s tolerably recovered today.

The little cat (name still undetermined) had his very first vet appointment today. He’d never had his shots or, as far as we know, seen a dog or even been out of doors, except briefly when he was taken from his mama at eight weeks.

There’s a sort of partition in the waiting room, perhaps to help separate unruly animals. We heard someone come in, followed by a baa.

No, not the pig. The pig didn’t baa. This lady had an orphaned lamb, similarly button-cute. After our appointment, she returned with the pig. Which didn’t make any noises at all, that I recall. The lady runs an animal rescue.

The little one was shot up with all kinds of stuff, and given a worming pill and a flea treatment. I’m afraid it was too much for him. He’s been curled in a miserable ball on the floor ever since and I feel awful about it.

Hey, did you hear the one about the lady in Seattle who wanted to get tested for Coronavirus? She had all the symptoms and worked as a physical therapist, often with older patients, so she thought she ought to get herself checked out. I mean, right? Long story short…you can’t. Unless you meet specific criteria (outside the country in the last two weeks or in contact with an infected person) OR you get sick enough to be hospitalized, no screening for you. What the hell has happened to/at the CDC?

March 3, 2020 — 8:26 pm
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