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Muh boys. When I went into my phone’s gallery to fish out this shot, Google had put it in a folder called “dogs”.

Ha ha, very funny. But yesterday, when I took a picture of our shopping receipt, Google read the address at the top and automagically called up the Google maps location of that Aldi and invited me to rate it. This I do not like.

It also popped up and invited me to rate a restaurant we only drove past yesterday.

I’ve got to read one of those guides on how to turn off every tracking thingie. Not that I trust them. Good thing I only leave the house once a week…

June 16, 2020 — 6:47 pm
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Monday shopping…

We did our weekly shop today. It was the first day they allowed ‘non essential’ shops to open and, I must say, the streets were packed. The government may not know it yet, but the lockdown is over.

Though Uncle B got chatting with the cashier, and she said they’d ordered better barriers and a sort of traffic light system for letting people in. That sounds like they’re planning to do things the social distancing way for a long time. That sucks, because I hate how I feel frog marched through the store.

We go through separately as we’re not allowed to go through together and there are things I eat that he doesn’t. I got chatting with my cashier and asked if she knew anyone in any of the stores that had caught the bug. Nope. They apparently have a rigorous testing regime, though. If you feel unwell, you get the test and you don’t come back until you’re clear.

Spoke to someone else who was in the emergency room over the weekend for something fairly minor. She said it wasn’t busy at all.

Very little in the last three months has made a lick of sense. Though I suppose incompetence is the one thing that could neatly explain everything that has ever happened to me, ever.

June 15, 2020 — 7:44 pm
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Prove me wrong. Please

Yes, we also are getting the four-part documentary about the life of Hillary Clinton. Why? Where’s the audience? What possible interest could anyone have in a documentary about this washed-up dessicated old hag?

Because she’s going to be the 2020 nominee. Count on it. Calling it now. Either Biden’s vice presidential pick, or Biden is going to be too incapacitated to do the job, sometime before or after the election.

For what other conceivable reason did all the other candidates collapse and leave the Dems with nothing but an old man showing very distressingly obvious signs of senility?

Crazy idea? God, I hope so.

Try to have a good weekend with that thought running around in your head!

p.s. At least I have lots of Hillary! artwork to recycle. I’m not having much luck caricaturing Biden, for some reason.

June 12, 2020 — 7:14 pm
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It’s a lockdown miracle!

Uncle B got a dentist appointment today! Nothing too awful; he’s lost a crown and will need it replacing. This is the first we’ve heard of practicing dentists. There’ve been horror stories about dentists giving out strong drugs rather than treatment and telling people to pull their own teeth if it got too bad.

What, the hat? I thought he might enjoy seeing an old friend. It belonged to a Victorian street dentist or tooth puller who wore it to advertise his expertise to passers-by.

It’s from the collection of a wonderful little museum in London, the Cuming. It was closed for a long time after a fire, but it looks like it’s open again. Well worth having a poke around their collection online.

They’ve even got 3D versions of many of their objects that you can twirl around. Behold, the hat!

June 11, 2020 — 7:38 pm
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The tweet below is not a parody

This is the putative leader of the group that has taken over six city blocks of Seattle. Since many of you have confessed that you (wisely) have dropped out of social media, I thought you might enjoy this.

I sure did.

June 10, 2020 — 7:56 pm
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And that’s when I hit the X in the upper right corner

Calls for Penny Lane to be renamed. Seems it was named after slave trader James Penny. Mind you, the calls weren’t new today, but new today is the fact it may be done on the fly, without public consultation.

They’re tearing things down and rubbing out names all over Britain today. Don’t go to Twitter right now; it will break your heart.

June 9, 2020 — 8:49 pm
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Something wicked going on in this house…

Stepped into a random empty shed in Assassin’s Creed: Origins and found this tableaux. I’ll bet the environment designers have fun making these little surprises.

Yes, I went back to finish this game to the very end. Because if I’m going to spend hours running around a landscape, I would rather it be ancient Egypt than Eighties Afghanistan.

Congrats to DurnedYankee, who hath retired. And to ArmyBrat who retireth soon.

We regard ourselves as semi-retired. Retired, but there’s not enough in the pension to float our lavish rock’n’roll lifestyle so we have to pick up work when we can to avoid touching capital. At the moment, it isn’t clear when my job will be back, or if it will ever be able to afford for me to do nice-to-have but not-essential projects like before.

On the other hand, sleeping in! Every day!

June 8, 2020 — 7:25 pm
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If you haven’t been to social media today, don’t. It’s just crazy people screaming at each other. I know, I know…but more than usual even.

Then this came across my feed. It is one complete orbit of the moon in high resolution, and it’s stunning. Set it to loop. I must have watched it go ’round and ’round for five minutes, a soothing meditation plopped in the middle of all the crazy.

It was cut together with slices of data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter so that it appears fully lit all the way around. It almost looks slightly 3D, which is probably a side effect of how they magicked it together.

More about how they did it here.

Cheer up, folks. The weekend is here! Some vague and fading corner of memory tells me that’s a happy time.

June 5, 2020 — 8:11 pm
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The evolution of cop shows…

You’d think a two-month lockdown would be time for TV companies to shine, show a bunch of escapist stuff to distract us. But no, programming has been shit. We’ve taken to binge watching some very old TV.

Like The Sweeney. British 1974 police procedural. Uncle B informs me it was Britain’s first gritty cop series and controversial for it. Entertaining stuff.

This frame cracked me up. It’s a PTA meeting. See the painting in the background? RAF airplane rains bombs onto stick figures. A kid would be sent to therapy for that painting today.

Anyhoo. I was trying to remember when our cop shows went from squeaky clean Dragnet to dirty Dirty Harry. Kojak maybe?

June 4, 2020 — 7:45 pm
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Nope. Nope, nope, nope.





I’m going to have to give social media a rest for a while. Shit’s making me crazy angry today.



I will say this: if ever I am made to kneel, I’m not standing up again until somebody slaps me with a sword and says, “Arise, Stoaty Weasel, rightful queen of all England!”







June 3, 2020 — 8:05 pm
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